Walk-behind Leaf Blower


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  • $206.09
  • $515.21

Product Information


 Push Leaf blowers

Control Hurricane-Force Winds with Your Fingertip
Pound for pound, the Billy Goat QB Quiet Blow wheel blowers will outperform other wheel blowers by any measure.

A 14-blade nylon fan, large radius housing ad venturi intake maximizes the incoming air volume and outgoing air velocity. The nylon fan makes the unit easier to start because of its low inertia.

Typically weighing 20+ pounds less than competitive units for the same horsepower, the QB is much easier to push through the grass.

The Exhaust Director, a patented Billy Goat design, allows the operator to direct the exhaust air exactly where he wants it. This is particularly useful when blowing up or down slopes, up close to the machine, pushing large leaf piles or when working next to cars and new landscaping. It's easy to lock the Exhaust Director into an optimum position.




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