Laser Transit

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Product Information

Laser Level/Construction  Transit 

The Lasermark LMH600 is a servo driven automatic compensated laser level both horizontally and when on it's side. 
Screw it onto the tripod press the 'on' button and walk away. It self levels and corrects for any minor movement 
unless it takes a knock and will shut down. 

The LMH600 is designed for external and internal work.

  • Automatic Horizontal Leveling - servo motor driven.
  • Automatic Vertical Leveling - servo motor driven when laser on it's side.
  • Plumbing - Automatically plumbs laser dot to the ceiling.
  • Squaring - when lying on it's side allows for 90 degree setout.
  • String Line setout - when lying on it's side allows string line set out on windy days.

  • Vertical plane - sends vertical plane out when lying on it's side for walls etc.

  • Grade capability - in manual mode has grade functionality in both 'x' and 'y' axis. (up to 10%)

  • Scanning - beam can be scanned in small arcs to give greater intensity.

  • Remote Control - laser functions such as scanning can be controlled by remote.

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