14" Powercut Saw, Gas


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Product Information

Handheld Gas Concrete Saw with water hook up.  Comes with a 14" blade for cutting concrete or asphalt. Max 3" deep cut

PC-7414 Dolmar 14" Cut Off Saw

Efficient and effective, these power cutters cut through the toughest materials while saving on time, energy and costs. Considered among the best on the market by experts in the fields such as construction, garden and acgriculture.

Low emmissions according 2002/88/EC for environmental and user benefit with SLR technology
Up to 15% less fuel consumption with SLR technology
5-stage air filter system
Paper filter with longitudinal gills
Vibration-Proof cover hood fastening
Easy operating with one lever switch
Automatic gas level at cold start / choke position
Head decompression valve with rubber cover for heat protection
Optimum cooling air flow for good conditions under heavy duty service
MPI technology (Memory-Power-Ignition) for easy restart


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