Electric Concrete Floor Grinder


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Product Information

Electric Dual Head Surface Grinders

 The Electric Concrete Floor Grinder can be used with Carbide Scraper Tach Attachments for scraping glue, rubber, and paint off of the concrete surface.  Scraper Tach are 8 sided carbide scraper blades that can be flipped over and turned to use the 7 additional edges per cutter. Because there are 2 heads on the grinder with 6 inserts in each head you are guarenteed to use 12 edges. Dual counter rotating multi-accessory discs with elastomeric-type gimbal heads; twin V-belt and spur gear reduction system; adjustable operator handle and wheel heights makes for easy use. This machine does weigh over 200 lbs. so carrying it up or down stairs is not ideal. It can either be transported in the back of a pick-up truck if you have help to unload when you get to your job site or it can be transported on a small trailer with a gate style ramp.

Scraper Tach adds $51.36 per 12 edges to the rental rate. Each additional turn of the edges will be an additional $51.36 per 12 edges or $4.28 per cutter edge




Type: Lesson, single phase, 115/230 VAC, 60 Hz
RPM: 3450
Horse Power: 2HP (1492w)

Structure: Unitized, welded steel plate
Bearings: High capacity, Zerk® type fittings
Drive System: Dual B Series, V-belt/pully and spur gear reduction
Multi-Accessory Disc: Two each, aluminum, counter- rotating
Disc Rotation Speed: 250 RPM

Width: 27-1/2 inch (699 mm)
Height: 38 inch (965 mm)
Length: 55-1/4 inch (1403 mm)


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