Mini Skidsteer Loader with POST HOLE DIGGER

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Product Information



Whether it's on a commercial worksite or home project, the S450TX can maneuver in and out of small spaces with ease. Featuring a 500 lb (226.8 kg) SAE-rated operating capacity and a tipping capacity of 1430 lb (648.6 kg), the S450TX is well-suited to both the needs of the rental customer and landscape contractor. The Kohler EFI 27-horsepower (19.9 kW) gas engine both provides excellent torque performance and is designed for those who use attachments requiring greater engine torque. What's more, the S450TX is track-driven, with a spring-cushioned operator platform for added safety and comfort. Versatile and equipped with a 6' (1.8 m) dump height, this mini skid steer saves labor and time.  

 Post Hole Digger Attachement has the option of a 9",12",18" or 24" wide auger bit for making holes. If you are doing 4x4 posts you will need the 9" auger, if you are doing 4x6 posts you will need the 12" auger. You always want to make sure you have plenty of extra room in your hole for adjustments and concrete or fill dirt. The larger augers are normally only used for planting trees, installing large professional signs or doing footers for out buildings.

Vermeer Specs

Stand-on / track-drive
Length with Standard Bucket
242.3 cm
Length without Standard Bucket
191.5 cm
Width with Standard Bucket
106.7 cm
Width Without Standard Bucket
90.8 cm
135.6 cm
Height (to Hinge Pin)
182.9 cm
Ground Clearance
16.5 cm
Weight (Standard Bucket, Gas Engine)
2250 lbs
1020.6 kg
Weight (Standard Bucket, Diesel Engine)
2430 lbs
1102.2 kg
Weight (No Bucket, Gas Engine)
2120 lbs
961.6 kg
Weight (No Bucket, Diesel Engine)
2300 lbs
1043.3 kg


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