S P Lawn Overseeder

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Product Information

Self Propelled lawn overseeders for thin yards.


There are two major benefits to overseeding. First, you ensure your lawns stay thick and dense. Second, the new varieties of seed you sow this year will have better disease resistance than those varieties already in your lawns. Overseeding also makes it much harder for weeds to become established and compensates for the natural slowdown of the turf’s reproduction over time or during droughts.


Delivers maximum seed germination so you can get the job done efficiently.

The Mataway® Overseeder delivers seed straight to the curve-shaped discs, placing it directly into the soil slits for unmatched seed-to-soil contact. You can seed at variable rates for different grass varieties and applications. The seed flow rate is easily controlled right from the operator’s station, and the flow stops automatically when the reel is raised for maximum control and precise operation.


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